Theatre Training

Centre Stage

Theatre classes with footlights are brilliant for all budding actors. Our small group teaching sessions allow every child to shine and develop their skills and talents. Our professional staff will work on all aspects of theatre including singing, dancing, acting and other skills such as make up and production. As we cannot currently host performances to live audiences we are going to be focussing on other media such as audio and video recording. 

Infants Theatre Skills

From Age 4 we immerse our members in the world of theatre. Each session involves disciplines of singing, dance and drama and we see their confidence grow each week! Our infants classes also get the opportunity to take part in our performances.

Theatre Boot Camp

Age 7+.  Sessions include: vocal and body warm ups, drama improvisations & directed script work, stage management and stage direction, choreographed dance routines, vocal tuition including learning harmonies. We are always working towards exciting performances either concerts or musicals. Anyone with a passion for performance is welcome to join! 

Centre Stage

Age 12+ Centre Stage is our most senior performance group and entrance is by an informal trial session and audition only. These sessions focus on a diverse repertoire of musical theatre and works to perfect skills in singing, dance and drama. Many of our senior students also contribute to the running of the school and are excellent role models to the younger students.