All of our classes take place in Footlights studios. A state of the art rehearsal and performance space created with theatre in mind. You can hire Footlights studios for your own event please enquire here. 

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Our state of the art rehearsal space is the perfect place to train our future stars of the stage. 

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Our fully mirrored wall helps our students to help themselves. By using our mirrors they are able to check their posture, positioning, lines and facial expressions. This allows our students not only to help themselves to improve, but it also makes it easier for our teachers to make corrections without coming near their pupils as they are able to explain and the child use the mirror for help, making social distancing easier.

As well as dance equipment the Footlights studios are also extremely technologically equipped. As our bubbles have no more than 15 students we have the technology for students to Zoom in to a class if there are more than 15 on a register, can't make it to class, or if a lockdown is enforced again. Continuing from what we learnt during the corona virus lockdown, our TV system means that Footlights can now carry on going in the majority of situations that hit us.

You child can't make it for one reason or another? Just contact us and they can come to class virtually!



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Footlights studios is fully equipped for all our classes to get the most out of every opportunity we have training our students. With barres for our ballet classes, resistance bands for ankle strength training, yoga mats for stretching and strength training, and a whole host of gym balls for our progressive ballet technique classes, our studios are fully kitted out for our students to get the very most out of their time with us.

In accordance with our new COVID-19 procedure, all the equipment is cleaned and sanitised after every use in order to keep both our teachers and students safe.


In addition to our professional sound system our students are able to take advantage of our hand held mics.

Light and ergonomic, our microphones mean that our students can learn all different types of stage presence. Ranging from how to hold yourself as a dancer to how to fill the stage with just you to how to stand and work with a microphone; skills that are vital in a career in the industry.

If your child is interested in training with the best of equipment in a nurturing and safe environment, register your interest with us today!

If you're interested in hiring Footlights studios for your own event please enquire here. 

Our professional dance flooring is perfect for softening impact on joints from jumping and rolling.

With individual boxes laid out, our students and teachers are able to abide social distancing when in class to keep everyone safe.

Not only do we have our extremely spacious, main studio we also have our third studio on the end, which is perfect for 1-on-1 private lessons or for branching out in lessons for individual help.

Our technology doesn't stop there. Our studios also has the capacity to turn into our own performance space!

With the uncertainty of hiring out theatres and spaces to perform, the Footlights studios has the equipment to perform in our own space and live stream our showcases to protect our students, teachers and audience.

With a professional lighting and sound system Footlights studios has the ability to be transformed into a performance space.

Our compact, powerful system allows us to capture the atmosphere, appearance and standard of any other Footlights show in the comfort of our own home. 

If you're interested in hiring Footlights studios for your own event please enquire here.