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Madagascar Jr. - Show Stopping Performance!

All of our students from our Nailsea and Portishead Theatre Academy and Infants theatre classes took part in the singing, dancing, acting animal extravaganza of Madagascar the musical over one weekend in May 2019! 100+ children came to the theatre over the course of the weekend and wowed the audience with their professionalism and talent!

Our Infants theatre classes in Nailsea and Portishead not only put on their own zoo animal performance to open the show they also stole the show as penguins. At as young as 4 years old it is an incredible achievement to being to stand up on stage and dance and sing as well as say solo lines infant of a jam packed audience.

The rehearsal process is always one of growth for all of our performers. From the early excitement and potential disappointment of the audition process to fully embracing the team spirit of putting on a fantastic show. The Footlights team are always so proud of the talent on stage but most importantly how all out students grow in confidence, make new friends and learn skills that are just as important for life on and off stage.

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