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Footlights and Riff Raff at St Georges

This group of talented performers created a full 30 minute set with singing, harmony, costume changes, nuns, guitars, Hawaii and sparkles in just 4 rehearsals! This is really an example of what make Footlight so special. Performers from all ages and experience levels came together to create an entirely professional set. We had a brilliant day at the concert including a group trip to Pizza Express- yummy!!

We performed supporting Riff Raff Choir at their annual concert in St. Georges Bristol. It was an absolute delight to take part in a performance in such an iconic local venue and we were so happy Riff Raff asked us to join them!

Riff Raff is the funky choir in Bristol, focusing on pop, rock & funk music. We have sessions in Southville on a Monday evening, Clifton on a Tuesday evening, Bishopston on a Wednesday evening & Fishponds on a Thursday evening. All parts are taught by auditions...just fun singing check out and see more of what they do!

If you join Footlights today you will be able to join us for these amazing performance opportunities you will remember for a lifetime.

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